Camden Music Services

Welcome to Camden Music Services

Since 2005 we have provided a range of sheet music and audio arranging services to major publishing houses and individuals.

We are a one-stop shop for the UK's and Europe's leading music publishers, with the breadth of skill base, experience and capacity to offer a spectrum of pre-production services (including arranging, transcription, authoring, typesetting, design and recording production) necessary to take a publication concept from a working title through to camera-ready pdfs and audio master CDs, ready for production.

In the last 7 years, we have been commissioned to produce over 4700 sheet music arrangements, to manage all aspects of pre-production for over 400 publications, and to produce over 600 backing tracks.

We have worked in a multitude of musical genres and formats, including transcriptions of jazz and contemporary pop music, easy piano reductions of classical repertoire, choral pop, instrumental tutors, and novelty products like music puzzle books and board games.

The breadth and extent of our experience in the sheet music industry has given us a thorough understanding of both the publishers’ and consumers’ requirements, and our ability to draw from a combined experience that includes publishing, performing, composing, arranging, orchestrating, typesetting, editing and music education is reflected in the variety of work that we are asked to do.

We are a small group with a high capacity, employing some of the best musical arranging talent in the country and capable of taking on anything from single sheet music transcriptions to entire series of music books with accompanying CDs.

We are proud of our reputation for supplying product of a consistently high standard and having the capacity to work to very tight schedules.

Please explore our site to see examples of our work and to find out what we can offer you.