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Our Services

Our Services

Sheet music arranging and transcription

Working with some of the most highly skilled and experienced arrangers and orchestrators in the UK, we can supply world class arrangements and accurate transcriptions of audio in just about every genre (including classical, rock and pop, jazz, film and musical theatre) and in just about every format, from piano solo and choral scores for publication, to big band and orchestral scores for live recording sessions.

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Currently working in Sibelius 6 and with over 20 years’ of experience of engraving music, we are equally accomplished in the preparation of complex contemporary concert scores for live performance and publication, the preparation of scores for live recording sessions, and engraving educational material and sheet music for worldwide distribution. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of many types of musical notation (from extended jazz techniques to guitar tablature), and upon our reputation for producing scores of the highest quality.

Audio arranging and production

We have produced over 130 sound-alike backing tracks in the last five years ranging from live big band versions of the Ratpack numbers to songs from contemporary pop and musical theatre. We offer a complete service from the arranging itself through to the delivery of an audio master. We offer the highest quality computer-generated audio tracks, using state of the art virtual instruments and sample libraries, or a live recording session option (score arranging, session musician fixing, recording and production).

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Design and layout

We can design a 'house style' for your new educational or novelty music publication, or simply create an individual 'look' for your music score. We can also produce a layout of your publication in InDesign or Quark Xpress and create camera-ready PDFs, ready to be sent straight to the printers.

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Creative and Consultancy

We offer a number of auxiliary creative and consultancy services, enabling us to take on all pre-production elements of a new publication. These include: - Authoring of instrumental tutors and educational material - take a look at our ukulele tutor and ocarina tutor... - Development of publication concepts - take a look at our Amazing Music Funbook... - Copywriting (from educational text to composer biographies and music histories) and Editorial - Book compilations and background research

Project management

From individual publications to an entire series of books with accompanying CDs, we can provide all the pre-production services you require, taking your new publication concept from a working title through to a finished product (camera-ready pdfs and audio masters) ready to be sent to production. We have experience of providing this service for over 400 publications for the UK’s major publishing houses.